Board of Trustees

As of May 16, 2014

Laura Purcell (Camarillo, California) (Chair of the Board)
John Heil (Los Angeles, California (Treasurer)
Nancy S. Charney (Cleveland, Ohio)
Lisa Juriga (Oakland, Michigan)
Bill Mulcahey (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Paul Robie (Los Angeles, California)
Gerard T. Straub (Burbank, California) (Founder and President)

Board Member Emeritus: Mary Mather Nally (Pasadena, California)
Board Member Emeritus: Patti Normile, OSF (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Special Advisor: Dr. Michael Chiariello, Ph.D. (Olean, New York)
Film Editor: Stuart Robertson (Los Angeles, California)
Film Editor: Jeff Fust (Los Angeles, California)
Webmaster: Danny Bohlman (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Graphic Design: Mari Saso (Los Angeles, California)
Accounting: Victor A. Robinette, CPA, CFP (South Pasadena, California)
Insurance: Ted Shaw (Shaw, Moses, Menhenhall & Associates, South Pasadena, California)

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